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Is this viewing package ‘all inclusive’?

  • For the most part, yes.  Once you arrive at the hotel we take care of you with most meals, parties, attractions, tips and items needed for the viewing included.  Regarding meals, there are two that are not scheduled events as a group.  For those you receive a $100 Marriott gift card and can take advantage of any of the many restaurants available at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.  You’ll also notice that your airport transfers are included in this package, unlike some that require you to book an expensive taxi ride.  You can attend the vent and not spend an extra penny should you choose not to.

Why is the package three nights?

  • That’s just the basic package.  Rather than tie you into a much longer package you may or may not need, we established three nights, with optional nights on the front and back.  After all, the viewing package needs to accomplish two things.  First and foremost, a wonderful eclipse viewing.  Second, to give you a feel about Nashville and it’s colorful music and history.  Other viewing packages force you to come in and commit to five nights.  With our package, you could actually come in, spend an additional four nights at the Gaylord Opryland and have an entire week for less money than that five night package.  Our package allows you to book the basics, then customize the front or back end of your visit.  If you are visiting us from overseas, you might want to book a Thursday or Friday arrival because of the time difference.  Just indicate that when you’re making your deposit.

Why the standard $495 deposit?

  • At this point in the process, we’re dealing with a finite number of rooms at the resort.  The standard ‘per room’ deposit gives us accurate information about availability.  That’s why we’re not concerned at this point about the number of people in the room.

Can I change the number of people later?

  • Absolutely.  You can change a single occupancy to a double, or add a 3rd or 4th in a double.

What about refunds?

  • 100% of money paid is refundable up to May 15, 2017.  After that there is a sliding scale.  (See pricing page)

Can I pay the total up front?

  • We will not be accepting any payments other than deposits until the summer of 2016.  At that time you can pay either the first payment amount (due 12/31/16), or you can pay off the entire package.  You’ll be reminded by email of payment due dates and your options.

Standard versus ‘enhanced view’ rooms

  • The standard room at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel guarantees no certain view.  The ‘enhanced view’ rooms will open into one of the atriums at the resort.